Alan Horwitz has practiced landlord/tenant law for over two decades, first as an associate with the South Bay’s most prominent real estate attorney, and now as head of his own firm.  In addition to client counseling and performing seminars for large property management companies, Mr. Horwitz has litigated hundreds of unlawful detainer actions throughout Northern California from Santa Rosa to Monterey, with a specialty of prosecuting cases in Alameda County and the entire East Bay.  Widely accepted as an expert on landlord/tenant law, he has participated in training seminars for local judges on issues pertaining to landlord/tenant law and has overseen mediation courses for the Alameda County Bar Association. His expertise has also led him to serve as a Judge Pro Tem in the San Mateo County Superior Court. In 2015 Alan was chosen by Ed Nagy to take over The Evictors because of their shared values and similar practice styles. 

We have an experienced support staff of paralegals, process servers and runners, that is well versed in all stages of the eviction process. Our staff is here to ensure that your process runs smoothly, and that the burden is taken off you. We have serviced hundreds of cases in Oakland as well as surrounding cities and counties with outstanding results.