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The Evictors and The Law Offices of Alan J. Horwitz have been assisting property owners and management companies in Oakland and surrounding cities since 1975.  

Ending relationships with problem tenants has become an increasingly arduous procedure in California, with onerous rent control laws, adversarial tenants’ organizations, and an unfriendly legal system seeming to create new challenges each day. We serve to guide you through a process that has now become stacked against landlords.

We are a full-service, fast and effective eviction solution and represent our clients throughout the entire eviction process – documentation, court proceedings, and legal representation, making us unique in the business. We have decades of experience and have streamlined the process to provide positive results for our clients. 

We represent clients throughout Alameda and Contra Costa counties, as well as some parts of San Mateo and Solano counties. 

To start a non-payment of rent case, please stop by our offices during business hours. For all other cities or services, please call our office.